Please contact us with any features requests or issues you may encounter.  We respond to every email we get.

If you are experiencing any type of lock up or app crash, please contact support with your issue.  We would love to solve it.

If you are experiencing some trouble please contact support.  If you need an immediate fix it’s possible that your base week has an invalid entry in it.  While we would like to get a copy of your week so we can trace the issuem, so please save the week first.  A possible quick fix is to do a complete reset or User, Job, and Week values.

You can try the following to clear your base week and see if the problem persists.  Please save the week so that you can send it to us later and so that we can determine the cause of your issue and fix it.

  1. Save the current Week on the “Save/Load” page.
    1. Please use the “Email” button on the “Save/Load” page to send the week to, and describe the problem.
  2. In “User Info” hit the “Clear” button, confirm “YES”, and then “Save”
  3. In “Job Info” hit the “User Defaults” button, confirm “YES”,  and the “Save”
  4. On the Main Page hit the “New Week” button.
    1. Create a New Week based on Default Settings.

At this point you should have a fresh week.  Does the issues persist?

Either way please contact support with details.

No Known issues as of September 26th 2019


  1. I’m unable to email time cards
    Crew and Department Time Card use the Apple Mail App to send emails.  Confirm the Mail App is setup, and that you can send email from the Mail App.