Crew Time Card

Version 2019.01 Released September 26th,  2019
What’s New:
iPhone X+ Full Screen Size
iOS 13 Compatibility Updates
Fixed Wrap Extension effecting Lunch Meal Penalty
Location is now filled out on Time Card
Requires iOS 9.0 or newer

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Crew Time Card Features:

– Track your Call/Wrap/Meals daily
– Add Categorized Daily Expenses for Meal, Misc, or Mileage
– Daily Notes
– Individual or Loan Out Time Cards
– Save/Load your weeks
– Payment Tracking
– Track your week earnings on the Summary Page
– Uses Industry Standard Tenths or Quarters Time Formats
– OCC and Job Class Database
– In App Preview and Email of End of Week PDF Time Card
– Hourly Rate, Day Rate, Guaranteed Hours
– Day Rate to Hourly Rate Conversion
– Over Time Calculations Supporting custom 1.5x, 2x, and 3x rate/hr settings
– 6th, 7th, Idle, Holiday, Travel days
– Meal Penalty Calculations with Grace and NDB Support for both Union and Non-Union Rules
– Kit Fees Daily & Weekly
– ReRates
– Turn around & Forced Call
– Supports nights (24th hour crossover) and days greater than 24 hours
– Option to Display Time Card in Clock Time instead of tenths and quarters
– Custom Backgrounds on any page