Department Time Card

Version 2019.01 Released September 26th,  2019
What’s new:
New Week Templates
iPhone X+ Full Screen Size
3rd Meal Penalty Support
OCC and Job Class Database
Custom Idle Hours and Idle Re-rates
Custom Travel Hours and Travel Hour Re-rates
New Meal Penalty options including Non-Union Single 1Hr Rate
Turn around and Forced Call
3x Rate is customizable ie:2.5x
Elapsed Time/East Coast 2x support
iOS Compatibility Updates
Minor Bug Fixes including the randomly closing clock
Subscription Based Licensing with Trial and Demo Mode
Requires iOS 9.0 or newer

Department Time Card
We’ve taken the industry standard Crew Time Card App, and added the ability to track an entire Department.
– All the features of the industry standard Crew Time Card App
– Create/Maintain a Department Crew List
– Track hours for your entire Department
– Create Custom Time Sheets for any Crew Member on any day
– Call Crew Members directly from the app to check availability
– Email Single Time Cards or All Time Cards to your PM in one email
– Quick Summary Page for reviewing/editing of all Crew Members times in the week