Department Time Card Manual

Link to this the latest version of this manual:

Department Time Card  v2019.01 - September 2019
 - many minor tweaks including…
 - option to email all timecard in a single email
 - fix union and occ code came from crewMember instead of job
 - added sort Rank to order Crew Member
 - share a week with others using Department Timecard via email
 - added a sort indicator in Save/Load
 - modified notes to includes dates on notes field
 - added separate union and occ field into timecard
 - save/load sort by name adds secondary sort by date to keep jobs
   of same name sorted by date as well as name
 - allowed using only last 4 of social or fed id number
 - 6th, 7th, idle, holiday, travel
 - updated meal1out clock button to use NDB time if entered
 - added default grace setting to job info
 - fixed attachment icon not showing in emails
 - bug fix for over $100/hr computation

If you are unfamiliar with the single user version of Crew Time Card
see the full single user version docs

included after the Department Manual below for more detailed

Crew Time Card Department, Basic Design:

 - The Main Page is now a Master Time Sheet Summary

Master Time Sheet

      This is what is showed on the summary page. Often many or all
the department members have the same call / lunch and possibly wrap
time.  These common times are set in the Master Time sheet.  All
active crew members by default are connected to the times in the
Master Time Sheet, until a custom time sheet is created for them.  
When a Crew Member's times vary from the Master Time Sheet you can
create a Custom Time Sheet for that crew member.  At the time you
create the custom time sheet, all values in the Master Time Sheet
for that day are copied into the custom time sheet, which now
is independent from the master time sheet.  All values can then me
modified as necessary.
Quick Start

Build your 'Crew List', set you 'Job Info', and start a 'New Week'.
Enter time for each day and everyone follows the "Master Time
Sheet".  If some crew members times vary you will create a custom
daily time sheet to reflect those variations.

Crew List

1) Setup your Crew List
 a) Enter the Crew List Page using the 'Crew List' Button
 b) To add a Crew Member use the '+' sign
      i) You can enter info manually
 ii) or use the 'Name' button to get the Name/Email/Phone Number
     from your address book.
         -Apple restricts access to the address book, so the process
          doesn't provide much feedback, and can't be customized.
         i) hit the name button, which will open your address book.
         ii) If the user has an email address you'd like to import
             click an email address
         iii) Click the phone number you want to import.
 *** When you click a phone number the address book will be closed
     and the information imported into Crew Time Card.
 iv) enter the rest of the info for your Crew Member
         v) add a sort Rank if you want to sort your crew 
            (i.e.: 1 for DP, 2 for AC, 3 for Loader, etc)
 - sort Rank can be any decimal number i.e.: 1,1.0,2,10.0,etc
   c) Repeat for anyone you want to add from you address book.
   d) This is also where you set the Crew Members rate.
 i) You can also set their guaranteed hours here if they differ from
    the Job guaranteed hours
 e) "Call" - You can call them directly from the app
 f) Use the 'on/off' button to set them as working or not working
      by default when you start a new week.  You can set anyone
      on/off (working) on a daily basis at any time.
 g) exit the crew list

      ***)Crew list notes.. Currently if you rename or delete
someone the connection to their times in the current and any saved
time cards will be lost. Creating a new week will reset the current
time card.

New Week - Starts a new week.  Use the current job as the template
or load 'Job Info' from a previously saved template. This will clear
all times, and give a working (on status) to anyone set to on by
default in your current crew list.

Job Info - Set your Job Details here. Some items are taken from the
Crew Member and are noted as such.

Save Load - Saves both the current week and your master crew list.

The Main Summary Page

Identical to the Crew Time Card summary page, except now you have
the Working Crew column, which is a number representing how many
people are working on each day.  Hit the number and go to the Crew
Member Day Page where you can set Crew Member on/off for the day.
You also have a few new buttons, 'Master Crew List' and Summary.

Working Crew (The number button) - Working Crew Members Page

     -here you can set crew members working status on or off for
      each day. 

      -you can also create custom time sheets for each crew here by
       hitting the row with their name..

      -once a custom time sheet is created a 'T' icon will show on
the line of the Crew Member. Tap the 'T' icon to delete the custom
time sheet or tap their name to edit it.

View Time Card - You can view and email a PDF time card from this button

- Shows a list of active crew members.

- Select a Crew Member and hit the View Time Card button

- If you wish to view/email all time cards at the bottom of the list is "ALL"

-this will begin an iteration through all active crew

-hitting cancel during the email process, continues to next crew member

-hitting cancel when viewing a time card, cancel the iteration process

- the time card is emailed to Job PC, and cced to the crew member

- due to limitation of IOS mail integration, each time card needs to
be emailed individually with a manual confirmation.


On this page you can get a quick summary sheet for all crew members
and times.  You can also add custom time sheets here for any crew
member by selecting the row of the day you wish to edit. Selecting
a day to open a custom time sheet.  Save the custom time sheet and
the 'DAY' column of that day will be highlighted, indicating that a
custom time sheet exists.  You can delete the custom time sheet by
hitting the highlighted 'DAY' column, or edit the custom time sheet
by selecting anywhere else on the row of the day.

 - an * next to the ‘DAY’ means the crew member is not working
 - tap the day and you will be asked if you would like to set that crew member WORKING for that day
 - working crew members can be set not working by a press on hold gesture on an active day
 - create/edit a crew members custom time sheet by selecting an active day
 - total hours are based on guaranteed hours

For more details on any feature see the complete single user Crew Time Card documentation