Crew Time Card

IMPORTANT NOTICE: iOS 8 update has broken version 1.5 version of the app.  Version 2.0 fixes the compatibility issues and was sent to Apple on September 16, 2014.  The update should be available in the iTunes App Store any day.

Version 2.0 September 16th, 2014
NOTE:  This version FIXES iOS8 compatibility issues, but is currently stuck in Apple’s Review Queue.  It should be available any day.
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Crew Time Card Features:
- Track your Call/Wrap/Meals daily
- Add Categorized Daily Expenses for Meal, Misc, or Mileage
- Daily Notes
- Individual or Loan Out Time Cards
- Save/Load your weeks
- share Saved Weeks between your devices or other Crew Time Card application users via email
- Payment Tracking
- Track your week earnings on the Summary Page
- Uses Industry Standard Tenths or Quarters Time Formats
- In App Preview and Email of End of Week PDF Time Card
- Hourly Rate, Day Rate, Guaranteed Hours
- Day Rate to Hourly Rate Conversion
- Over Time Calculations Supporting custom
- 1.5x, 2x, and 3x rate/hr settings
– 6th, 7th, Idle, Holiday, Travel Days
- Meal Penalty Calculations with Grace and NDB Support
- Kit Fees Daily or Weekly
- ReRates
- Supports nights (24th hour crossover) and days greater than 24 hours
- Option to Display Time Card in Clock Time instead of tenths and quarters
- Custom Backgrounds on any page

What’s new in version 2.0
– iOS8 compatibility updates
- lots of behind the scenes changes in architecture

What’s new in version 1.5
– 6th, 7th, Idle, Holiday, Travel Days
- share Saved Weeks between devices or other Crew Time Card application users via email
- added a sort indicator in Save/Load
- modified notes to includes dates on notes field
- added separate union and occ field into timecard
- save/load sort by name adds secondary sort by date to keep jobs of same name sorted by date as well as name
- allowed using only last 4 of social or fed id number
- updated meal1out clock button to use NDB time if entered
- added default grace setting to job info
- fixed attachment icon not showing in emails
- fixed union and occ code came from crewMember instead of job
- fixed time card over $100/hr computations