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"Crew Time Card" iPhone App

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Current Version 1.1.0


- Track your Call/Wrap/Meals daily

- Track your earning on the Summary Page

- Save/Load of multiple projects/weeks

- Uses Industry Standard Tenths or Quarters Time Formats

- In App Preview and Email of End of Week PDF Time Card

- Hourly Rate, Day Rate, Guaranteed Hours

- Day Rate to Hourly Rate Conversion

- Over Time Calculations Supporting custom 1.5x, 2x, and 3x rate/hr settings

- Automatic Meal Penalty Calculation, supporting Grace and NDB (Non Deductable Breakfast)

- Kit Fees daily or weekly

- Supports nights (24th hr crossover) and days greater than 24 hours

- Custom Backgrounds on any page

New in v1.1.0 released Dec 15th 2011

- Save/Load of multiple projects/weeks

- Automatic Meal Penalty Calculation, supporting Grace and NDB (Non Deductable Breakfast)



Crew Time Card Quick Start

I've tried to design Crew Time Card to be simple and instantly usable, however there are  some important basics you should understand.

1) User Info:

Start here.  "User Info" stores you Name and other personal data necessary to fill out a time card, as well as default job settings.

2) Job Info:

"Job Info" stores job details.  It also has a "User Defaults" button that will clear all values, and fill any related fields with the default settings that you set in "User Info".

3) View Time Card:

This is where you can preview you current time card, and then email your time card.

4) info button:

You can find the custom background settings here, as well as this help file.

5) Time Format:  It's either tenths or quarters!

All times should be input in 24hour (Military Time), and either in tenths format (ie: 10:06am is 10.1, 10:12am = 10.2 … 10:56PM = 22.9) or quarters format (10:15 = 10.25, 10:30am is 10.5 and anything in between is either rounded up or down in favor of the employee)  Tenths is standard for TV and FILMS, while quarters is standard for commercial.  This is selectable on a per job basis.

6) The CLOCK button

CLOCK button opens a Time Picker:  The Time Picker will automatically round your selected time to the proper tenths/quarters format.  When using the CLOCK button Crew Time Card will also try to guess times for meals being inputted based on previous call or meal times inputted.

7) Rate

Rates are hourly.   However you may enter rates such as 450/10 into the rate field, and Crew Time Card will parse that entry and fill the guaranteed hours field.  Proper input is (day rate)/(guaranteed hours) just like you would write on your Time Card. 

8) Kit Fees  

Daily and Weekly kit fees are supported.  Crew Time Card will enter this Box Fee into the appropriate spot on the time card, and add this to your total owed.


9) Long Days or Days that cross the 24hr line

As long as you enter your times in order, call, 1st meal, 2nd meal, 3rd meal, wrap, crew time card will make sure all your times are inputted properly.  ie: Your call is 11PM or 23.0 and you wrap at 11am or 11.0.  If you enter your call as 23 and enter your wrap as 11, Crew Time Card will automatically correct your input to the correct 35.  Corrections occur each time you finish editing a single field.

10) Meal Penalties

At this time because Crew Time Card will not calculate your meal penalties.  This is because meal penalties are calculated differently for different contracts, it's not straight forward to properly handle Grace, NDM, etc.    Crew Time Card will calculate what you are owed.  You will need to manually enter the number of meal penalties owed on each meal, and setup the cost for the job of each meal penalty.

For Example:

As of the writing of this documentation standard calculation for meal penalties for Local 600 are as follows:

$7.50 for the 1st 30 Minutes

$10.00 for the 2nd 30 Minutes

$12.50 for the 3rd and each consecutive 30 Minutes

If 1st Meal Goes 25 Minutes over you are owed 1 meal penalty, which is $7:50

If 1st Meal Goes 45 Minutes over you are owed 2 meal penalties, which calculates to $7.50+$10.00 = $17.50

and so on.

To calculate your meal penalties you must also take into account whether grace was called, if they were eligible to call grace, if you were given NDM if you were precalled, or if 2nd meal was a walking NDM, etc.  You will need to discuss these with production and/or your union to learn how they will apply to you.

11) Manual Input of Time

Manual entry must be in 24hr decimal times. (10.1, 10.25, or similar format) Crew Time Card will evaluate your input and round to tenths or quarters as necessary.

12) Assisted Meal Entry Times

When using the Time Picker if you input values in order, call, meal 1 out … wrap.  Crew Time Card will evaluate the previous time, and set the Time Picker to an estimated value.  Upon setting your Meal Out Times it will also auto fill your Meal Ins based on the default job meal settings.  IE:  Let's assume your default settings for meals on your job are Meal Length .5hrs, Meal Interval 6hrs.  You set your Call to 8.  Hitting the Clock Button on Meal 1 Out will bring up a the Time Picker with a time of 14 (6 hours from your call).  If you accept this value Crew Time Card will then auto fill Meal In 1 to 14.5 (.5 hours from you meal out).

Crew Time Card Detailed Notes

Time Input

Crew Time Card stores all dates in the tenths or quarter of an hour format.  This is Entertainment Industry Standard.  When manually entering dates, you must enter them in decimal time format ie:tenths or quarters.  Crew Time Card, will automatically round your time to the proper tenths or quarters time.  The rounding is always done to the benefit of the crew member, which again is industry standard.  For Call and Meal Outs, the time is rounded down.  For Wrap, the time is rounded up.

Financial Accuracy

Crew Time Card is built on NSDecimalNumbers accurate to 38 digits.   Although some values are displayed rounded, Crew Time Card does not internally round ANY values, except the final amount owed.  While the timecard shows figures rounded to 2 or 4 decimal places this is for display only, and all internal figures are processed with 38 digit accuracy until the final dollar amount owe is calculated.  At that point it is rounded to the nearest penny.

Main Page Financial Totals

The financial totals on the Main Summary page do not include Kit or Meal Penalties owed.  These figures will be calculated and inserted on your generated time card.

Input Correction

When Crew Time Card gets user input that is not formatted correctly, it will make it's best guess to replace that figure with the correct data.  In the event that it cannot make an accurate guess, it will reset that data input to a default or empty value.

Printable Time Cards with blank values to support additional line items

If Crew Time Card does not support all your needs you can still print out a usable time card with many values left blank.   Any fields left blank in the project settings will be blank on the time card.  Any fields that can't be calculated based on set user or project settings will be left blank.  For instance leaving the rate blank will generate a time card with no dollar totals calculated. This will allow you to manually adjust for unsupported items such as mileage, billed per diem, etc.

Overtime Settings:

1.5x hrs after: is the hour after  which you begin to get 1.5x pay, default is 8 hrs

2x hrs after: is the hour after which you begin to get 2x pay, default is 12, however 14 has also become a common setting

3x hrs after: is the hour after which you begin to get 3x pay, default is 15

Meal Penalty Settings:

Meal P1: Is the amount you are paid for the first meal penalty on a meal.

Meal P2: Is the amount you are paid for the second meal penalty on a meal.

Meal P3: Is the amount you are paid for the third, and each additional meal penalty on a meal.

On Local 600 Union jobs you are awarded a meal penalty for every fraction of 30 minutes you meal is delayed.  The amount paid on those meal penalties gradually increases as the meal is delayed longer.  Meal P1 being the first 30 minutes,  Meal P2 being the 2nd 30 minutes, and Meal P3 being the 3rd and each consecutive 30 minutes.  Thus a meal delayed 30 minutes would receive 1 meal penalty, and a meal delayed 90 minutes would receive 3 meal penalties.  These 3 meal penalties increase in cost as laid out by Meal P1, Meal P2, and Meal P3.

On non union jobs,  you are typically only awarded only 1 meal penalty no matter how long your meal is delayed.  Typically that amount is 1hr of pay.  In these cases you would modify Meal P1, and then enter 1 into the meal penalty box.

Features requests
If you have ideas or requests that will make this program better suit your needs, please feel free to contact me at any of the email address that you see in the screen caputres to the left.